Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Three Streams Of Income With One Blog Using Blogger.com

 Get Paid Earn Money Online

Creating several streams of income is possible using one free resource.  Blogger.com is especially great for beginners.  If you always wanted to learn how to earn revenue online and don't want to spend money in order to start an Internet Business, I suggest you create a gmail email account then create a Blogger account.

Over the years I have spent money on so called proven systems and methods to earning money online.  I've spent money hoping to learn the secret.  There is no secret to earning extra money online.  What works is continuous writing, creating and building.  What works is going through the steps to learn.  Going through the motions to teach yourself to understand how to market online.  Learning how to market is harder than writing articles, blogs and creating websites.  Almost anyone can write a blog, article or create a free website.  It's easy to write about topics we find interesting.  The hard part is learning how to get your created articles, blogs and websites indexed to Search Engines.

OK, you know you want to take the first step to earn extra money online.  You understand you can write and create to create a web presence but how do you actually earn money online?

Using Blogger.com is a great free resource to use to learn how to generate several streams of revenue.  Blogger.com has paired up Kontera and Infolinks.  You can easily link up Kontera and Infolinks In-text advertising without understanding how to create HTML or JavaScript Codes.  You write blogs, sign into your Kontera and InfoLinks accounts and simply linkup your Blogs (Blogger.com) and automatically In-text ads are shown throughout your content.  Truly simple and easier.  Worth every bit of effort to start writing online.  It's true when you read about people earning good steady monthly income with Adsense Google Blogger.com.

The third way you can earn a stream of income is with Google Adsense.  Again, adding Adsense ads onto your blogs using Blogger.com is simple and easy.   You add a gadget which is linked to Adsense ads, you choose the size and color then click submit.  It's that easy.  Google Adsense Blogger.com was created to make it very easy for ordinary people to start an Internet Business.

Below are links to many of the free resources I use to earn money with Google Adsense.  There are dozens of free website builders in addition to Blogger.com that let you earn revenue with Adsense.  Blogger.com and the free website builders that do business with Google Adsense make it easy for beginners to begin.

The links below are also filled with free information as to how you can submit your created blogs to major Search Engines.  You will also learn how to use other free resources to drive traffic to your blogs.

Keep this in mind.  There is no reason to spend money to make money.  If anyone tries to sell you information to learn how to earn money online, I suggest you pass it up and the reason why I tell you this is because you will purchase the information but you will still have to do ALL OF THE WORK YOURSELF.   It has taken me years to truly understand that the more I write and create the more money I earn.  I am experienced and have learned many hard lessons.  Over time I realized I wasted so much time believing in pipe dreams.  I now put my spare time into writing and creating articles, blogs and websites.  I don't waste any of my time reading about how people earn money online because I'm actually doing it.  I understand each week I get closer to my goal and each week my revenue increases.  Take my advice and stop wasting time.  Instead start joining revenue sharing websites, write articles, blogs and create free websites which make it so easy for you to build a solid stable financial standing for your future.